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[texts]Soul! Penned by the Rosicrucian - Randolph, Paschal Beverly

Keywords: Rosicrucian; Rosicrucianism
Downloads: 420
[texts]The Unveiling - Randolph, Paschal Beverly

Keywords: Rosicrucian; Rosicrucianism
Downloads: 411
[texts]Beyond the Veil, Posthumous Work - Randolph, Paschal Beverly

Keywords: Rosicrucian; Rosicrucianism
Downloads: 514
[texts]Dhoula Bel - Randolph, Paschal Beverly

Keywords: Rosicrucian; Rosicrucianism
Downloads: 410
[texts]Magia Sexualis - Randolph, Paschal Beverly

Keywords: Rosicrucian; Rosicrucianism
Downloads: 1,310
[texts]Sexual Magic - Randolph, Paschal Beverly

Keywords: Rosicrucian; Rosicrucianism
Downloads: 3,546
[texts]Eulis, the History of Love - Randolph, Paschal Beverly

Keywords: Rosicrucian; Rosicrucianism
Downloads: 1,128
[texts]Seership, the Magnetic Mirror - Randolph, Paschal Beverly

Keywords: Rosicrucian; Rosicrucianism
Downloads: 841
[texts]The New Mola with Supplement - Randolph, Paschal Beverly

Keywords: Rosicrucian; Rosicrucianism
Downloads: 854
[texts]The Wonderful Story of Ravalette - Randolph, Paschal Beverly

Keywords: Rosicrucian; Rosicrucianism
Downloads: 609
[texts]Dealings with the Dead - Randolph, Paschal Beverly

Keywords: Rosicrucian; Rosicrucianism
Downloads: 507
[texts]After Death, The Disembodiment of Man - Randolph, Paschal Beverly

Keywords: Rosicrucian; Rosicrucianism
Downloads: 1,518
[audio]Sermon on Rosicrucianism and Kabbalah - Shalom Baptist Church
Sermon on the occult practices of Rosicrucianism and Kabbalah
Keywords: sermon; shalom; beliefs; Occult; rosicrucianism; kabbalah
Downloads: 262
[texts]Los Angeles Herald Spiritists Deal In The Brand Rank Of Fraud ( 1907)
Newspaper Article (Los Angeles Herald) about the results of Harvey Spencer Lewis (President of the "Institute for Psychical Research") examinations on mediums who claim to be able to communicate with the dead
Keywords: Institute for Psychical Research; Harvey Spencer Lewis; AMORC; Rosicrucianism
Downloads: 20
[unknown]Usenet groups within alt.philosophy from giganews.com
Usenet newsgroups within "alt.philosophy", contributed courtesy of giganews.com. These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords: alt.philosophy.jarf; alt.philosophy.rosicrucianism.moderated; alt.philosophy.checkmate; alt.philosophy.kant; alt.philosophy.taoism; alt.philosophy.happiness; alt.philosophy.debate; alt.philosophy.objectivism; alt.philosophy.confucianism
Downloads: 69
[texts]GIORDANO BRUNO AND THE ROSICRUCIANS. A mystery unveiled, among magic, alchemy and philosophy. - Guido del Giudice
A mystery unveiled, among magic, alchemy and philosophy.
Keywords: Giordano Bruno; Guido del Giudice; Nolan; Rosicrucianism; magic; alchemy; secret society; manuscript; Naples; Giovan Battista Della Porta; Girolamo Ruscelli; Raphael Egli; Hermetism; Biblioteca Via Senato
Downloads: 180
[software]Frater K's Mega Library torrent - Frater K
This was originally uploaded to MEGA.co.nz by an "initiate" on 4chan's /x/ who went by the tripcode "Frater K"This is a RARed torrent backup of the original MEGA cloud account that was subsequently deleted.It may not be a complete mirror but most of what he uploaded should be in it.
Keywords: occult; magick; ceremonial magic; initiatory orders; Freemasonry; Rosicrucianism; Thelema; spirituality; christianity; 4chan; /x/; /x/ board; secret societies; esoteric religion; esotericism; books; ebooks; collections; kaballah; judiasm
Downloads: 62
[movies]Occult Secrets Revealed: The Great Work - Taliesin McKnight
The "Great Work" or "Magnum Opus" is a term thrown around a lot in the occult community. It is a term that derives from alchemy. Quite simply, the Great Work is turning base metals, such as lead, into gold. This symbolizes self-change or self-transformation. Usually, this refers to obtaining union with the Divine. However, the great work of turning lead into gold sometimes refers to self-perfection or actualization...
Keywords: taliesin mcknight; great work; occult; occultism; magick; golden dawn; thelema; rosicrucian; rosicrucianism; alchemy; gnosis; gnostic; gnosticism; hermetic; hermeticism; hermetism; hermes trismegistus; tarot; qabalah; consciousness; spiritual; religion; hermetica
Downloads: 170
[movies]The "Secret" of Magick - the Hermetic Axiom "as Above, so Below" in Rosicrucian Alchemy & Qabalah - Taliesin McKnight
The Hermetic axiom "as Above, so Below" is often thrown around in the esoteric community. It refers to the inter-connectedness between the microcosm and macrocosm. This phrase comes from the Emerald Tablet ascribed to Hermes Trismegistus. This is often seen as the "key" to unlock the secrets of magick or to transmute base metals into gold in Rosicrucian philosophy. This concept derives from Hermeticism and has ties to the Qabalah as well...
Keywords: taliesin mcknight; hermetic; hermeticism; hermetism; alchemy; magick; occult; occultism; astrology; wiccan; wicca; pagan; paganism; theology; golden dawn; thelema; gnosticism; gnostic; gnosis; hermes trismegistus; consciousness; as above so below; rosicrucianism; rosicrucian; mithras; mithraism; mystery school; mystery schools; mysteries
Downloads: 287
[movies]Occult Secrets REVEALED: the Emerald Tablet & the Hermetic Philosophy of Hermes Trismegistus - Taliesin McKnight
Today's lesson covers the Emerald Tablet and its relation to Western magick tradition. The tablet is often seen as a sort of "key" to unlock the secrets of alchemy and manifesting your world. It is often summed up with the occult maxim "As Above, so Below." The Visible is a manifestation of the Invisible. This is often seen as a sort of law, which serves as a popular theory on the mechanics governing magick...
Keywords: taliesin mcknight; emerald tablet; hermes trismegistus; alchemy; rosicrucian; rosicrucianism; gnosis; gnostic; gnosticism; hermetic; hermeticism; hermetism; qabalah; hermetica; hermes; mysticism; occult; occultism; thelema; golden dawn; astrology; astrological; alchemy; agrippa; three books of occult philosophy; talismans; magick; occult; occultism; witchcraft; magic; spell; spells; spiritual
Downloads: 103
[movies]Occult Secrets Revealed: The Triangle of Solomon - Rosicrucian Alchemy Qabalah & Hermeticism - Taliesin McKnight
The triangle is a very important symbol in Western Esotericism. This is the Triad of Pythagoras. It represents the reconciliation of opposites. All begins with the Monad, which is undifferentiated Unity. From this comes the Duad, which is differentiation, the separation of subject and object, the introduction of contrast and polarity. The Triad represents the union of opposites to create a third point.This is part of the "Occult Secrets Revealed" series in which we try to take a serious and rati...
Keywords: taliesin mcknight; tarot; alchemy; rosicrucian; rosicrucianism; qabalah; consciousness; spiritual; religion; wiccan; wicca; pagan; paganism; occult; occultism; magick; spells; tree of life; mystery schools; mystery school; school; mithras; pyramid; egypt; egyptian; solstice; equinox; cycle of the sun; occult; secrets; esoteric; golden dawn; thelema; crowley; hermeticism; hermetic; hermetism; hermes trismegistus; gnosis; gnostic; gnosticism
Downloads: 131
[movies]Occult Secrets Revealed: The Solar Myth - Taliesin McKnight
This is part of the "Occult Secrets Revealed" series on the Western Esoteric Tradition. The solar cycles were extremely important to many ancient cultures. The solstices and equinoxes are the basis of our modern calendar. Was there a "deeper" mystery here? If so, what is the deeper mystery? We are searching for the "hidden" secrets of the Western Esoteric Tradition. Today, we examine this along with certain correspondences with regard to Rosicrucianism, alchemy, Hermeticism, tarot, ceremonial ma...
Keywords: taliesin mcknight; tarot; alchemy; rosicrucian; rosicrucianism; hermtic; hermeticism; hermetism; secret society; magick; occult; occultism; golden dawn; thelema; solar; myth; pagan; paganism; wicca; wiccan; golden dawn; thelema; tarot; astrology; zodiac; solstice; equinox; wheel of the year; crowley; hermes; hermes trismegistus; gnosticism; gnostic; gnosis; hermetica; sun; occult; occultism; alchemy; alchemical; myteries; mystery school; mystery schools; esoteric; mysticism; mystic; mystical; spirit; spiritual; enlightenment; initiation
Downloads: 191
[movies]The Basics of Hermeticism - Taliesin McKnight
SOURCES/FURTHER READING Full text of the Corpus Hermeticum: http://www.sacred-texts.com/gno/th2/The Perfect Sermon or Asclepius: http://hermetic.com/texts/hermetica/asclepius1.htmlThe Discourse on the Eighth and Ninth: http://gnosis.org/naghamm/discorse.htmlKeywords: Hermetism Hermeticism Hermetic Hermes Trismegistus Thoth Hermetica alchemy magick magic occult occultism rosicrucian rosicrucianism rosy cross amorc egyptian gnosis gnostic gnosticism enlightenment illumination spiritual spiritualit...
Keywords: taliesin mcknight; hermetic; hermeticism; hermetism; hermes trismegistus; thoth; hermetica; alchemy; magick; astrology; rosicrucian; rosicrucianism; occult; occultism; gnostic; gnosticism; gnosis; enlightenment; spirituality; esoteric; mystery school; mystery schools; mystery cult; isis; horus; egyptian; pagan; paganism; wicca; wiccan; qabalah; transmutation; spiritual; spirituality; theosophy; amorc; great work; thelema; tarot; golden dawn; corpus hermeticum
Downloads: 164
[audio]TFR503 - Dopamine Larvae - FULL TRILOGY - Dopamine Larvae
Dopamine Larvae - FULL TRILOGY I. Endangered Species II. Not a hidden place III. Sonic prayers for the end of your existence 1st Installment of the Dopmaine Larvae Sonic Compendium Part 1 - Endangered Species ___________________________ 01 - Under ground 02 - Efluvia 03 - Involution 04 - Dream dealer , Sleep dealer 05 - Talking to my hallucination 06 - Telephatic aggression 07 - July 15th Tracks recorded in Salamanca, Gto...
Keywords: Dopamine; Larvae; FULL; TRILOGY; Part; 1; Endangered; Species; Part; 2; Not; a; hidden; place; Part; 3; Sonic; prayers; for; the; end; of; your; existence; Mexico; Torn; Flesh; Records; Harsh; Noise; Ambient; Drone; Electronic; Sonic; age; Theosophy; antroposophy; rosicrucianism; scientific; accuracy; or; prediction; dystopian; modernity; metaphysical; theorizing; the; decline; of; the; universe; extropian; principles; intuitive; sensing; altered; perceptions; a; matrix; of; ideas; fantastic; life-like; visions; Mario; Quiroga; Sonic; Compendium
Downloads: 3,093
[texts]A Victorian Occultist and Publisher: Robert H. Fryar of Bath - Dr. Sydney T. Chapman
article by Dr. Sydney T. Chapman published by The Widcombe Press in 'The Road: A Journal of History, Myth and Legend' Issue No. 4, June, 2011, pp 3-11, about Robert Henry Fryar of Bath, a Victorian publisher and occultist. The first study to appear on Fryar, with notes and bibliography.
Keywords: Victorian; occult; John Yarker; John Lewis Yarker; Robert H. Fryar; Robert Henry Fryar; R. H. Fryar; Bath; William Wynn Westcott; Robert Hargrave Jennings; Antiquity Encampment of Knights Templar; Jerusalem Conclave of Knights Templar; Sydney T. Chapman; Widcombe Press; Journal of History Myth and Legend; Freemason; Freemasonry; esoteric Freemasonry; fringe Freemasonry; Rosicrucian; Rosicrucianism; Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia; SRIA; The Arcane Schools; The Kneph; Hermes Trismegistus; Alchemy; scrying; battah mirror; magic mirror; Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn; W. B. Yeats; Ansairetic Secret; Paschal Beverly Randolph; Alessandro Cagliostro; Rev. William A. Ayton; Isiac Tablet of Cardinal Bembo; Egyptian Freemasonry; The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor; Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie; Fratres Lucis; Society of Eight; Madame Blavatsky; Giulio Romano; Situations Gracieuses; Bath Freemasons; Baldwin Rite; Gnosis; Gnosticism; Rose Croix; Scottish Rite; Hermeticism; Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis
Downloads: 686
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